How does it work?

1. What does the e-stim device do?

    E-stim devices, the Tension Lover and the Pure Vibes are so-called TENS units. TENS is short for Trans-dermal Electrical Nerve Stimulation which means stimulating the nerves by means of electrical impulse through the skin. TENS devices have traditionally been used therapeutically for pain management and physical therapy as they offer a proven alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.
The classical TENS therapy bases on the natural body-own system of information transportation. Positive, as well as negative sensations (as pain) reach the brain by the same nervous system. TENS uses the fact, that comfortable sensations travel on faster nerve strands than negative ones. That means, when the soft electrical impulses, that TENS-therapy sends out, reach the spinal cord, there is no more room left for the pain information; it can no longer be processed by the brain. Moreover TENS effects the release of endorphins, the body-own happiness hormones.

These two factors together effect in pain therapy (for which our devices are suitable as well - they're fully licensed medical products) that the sensation of pain often is noticeably eased or completely eliminated. For the erotic electrical stimulation it means that the positive sensation of arousal is processed more quickly and so felt more intensely, while there is simply no - or, with high intensity settings, only very little - capacity for transmitting pain.

2. What makes an impulse?

The electrical impulses that the e-stim device transmits to the nerves (by means of a toy) have three properties that can be regulated with the device: width, rate and intensity.

The width of an impulse determines the duration of the single impulse. By varying the width along with the intensity of the electricity, you are able to stimulate different groups of nerves. So depending on what effect you're aiming at and what region you're working, we recommend trying different settings to see which suits you best.

The impulse rate or frequency refers to how often electrical impulses are released to the skin. This is measured in Hertz (Hz). To achieve a tickling, vibrating sensation, you would want to use a higher frequency setting (beginning at 80 Hz). The reason this “buzzes” is because your nerves are unable to differentiate between individual impulses. To achieve a pulsing sensation, set the frequency much lower (around 10 Hz or lower), so you can detect the individual impulses as they come in contact with your skin.

The intensity controls the strength of each impulse. Every individual senses impulse strength differently due to variation in tissue resistance, thickness of skin, etc. Therefore the intensity should be chosen so that impulse is felt as thumping or tickling, but never uncomfortable or even painful.

3.  In general, stimulation should not lead to muscle contraction. You could, of course, raise the intensity until muscle contraction sets in. For this, a high frequency, long width and strong intensity for visible contraction is recommended. In no instance, however, should the application be uncomfortable.

4. How does the impulse get to the nerves? To transmit the impulses from the device to the nerves, you need either electrodes (which are already included when you get one of our e-stim devices) or an e-stim toy.
Each toy has areas that are isolated against each other; those are the poles. Most of our toys are bipolar and thus have two poles: one positive and one negative pole.

There are also quad-rupolar toys like our Flexing Flavio who has two pairs of poles – each of which you can control separately. The electrodes work a little different: You always connect two electrodes at once and one becomes the positive pole, the other the negative one.
Once your toy or electrodes are connected with a cable an e-stim device, and the device is turned on, electricity flows from the positive pole to the negative one, taking the shortest way it can find. And because air isn't conductive but skin and tissue are, the current flows through the skin touching the toy and hands the impulses over to the nerve endings that sit along its way. Once the impulse touches a nerve, the nerve sends it to the brain where it's translated into a tingling or pulsation sensation – which is what you feel.

5. How long can I let the current flow? You can employ our e-stim devices for as long, or short a time you like. Especially at low intensity and high impulse rate, the stimulation may last for hours.

The Precious Prejudices

While dildos and vibrators have conquered many bedrooms, electrical stimulation devices are still subject to a lot of prejudices. Let's examine some of the more popular ones:

1. E-stim – only for sadomasochists? One of the most popular misunderstandings concerning e-stim is the idea that electrical nerve stimulation is uncomfortable and painful and therefore exclusively suitable for use in the SM-scene. This is plain wrong. Our e-stim devices are equipped with two separately controlled channels offering the possibility to adjust impulse individually according to your taste. Stimulation may be varied from gentle/soft over intensive all the way to strong/painful. Whichever way you like it. E-Stim can be used in SM-mode, just as well as for gentle satisfaction.

2. E-Stim – isn't that perverted? Nope. E-stim is just new and most people need some time to grow used to the idea before accepting something new into their bedrooms. It is, after all, the most recent generation of love toys. Each new toy had to first prove itself and survive existing prejudice and ideas about what is "normal" or "abnormal". Once upon a time the use of vibrators was seen as perverted. Today, they're completely accepted and a common part in the sexual practice of many couples. So if you're open to innovation, e-stim can spice up your sexy time and offer a new way to feel lust and satisfaction.

3. E-Stim – an instant orgasm machine? We are glad that there's some positive prejudices circulating in connection with e-stim as well, but we're sorry: The device is not an orgasm machine that lets you fly higher than the sky at every push of the button.

Most of the time, expectations like these are reduced to facts after first testing. Each body reacts differently to stimulation and getting the hang of what feels good for you and what makes you come fast and heavy takes one thing above all: practice.

4. E-Stim – isn't that dangerous Like many things, e-stim can be dangerous when you use it without thought, disregard the saftey precautions below or don't bother to learn the rules. Safety should always come before you do, and always read the guidelines!!
The most important rule is: Never let the current flow through head, heart or throat.


E-stim is only dangerous if you use it thoughtlessly. 
There are a couple of simple ground rules that you should memorise and adhere to:

Current must never flow through the brain.
In your brain, all impulses from nerve ends are interpreted and translated into useful information. Do not ever interrupt this process by sending a different current of impulses through your head. Do not place electrodes on the eyes, in the mouth, or over the ears, or any other part of you head or face.

Current must never flow through the heart.
The heart has its own rhythm and is sensitive to disruption (this is why pacemakers work; they're also TENS units). Don't mess with it. 
Never stimulate both your nipples at once making one side the positive and the other the negative pole. If you would like to use clamps, please make sure that each individual clamp has both poles.

Current must never flow through the throat.
Do not place electrodes in or hold toys to the laryngeal or pharyngeal area. Muscle spasms in this area can cause asphyxiation.

Current will always take the shortest possible way between the poles.
With this rule you can always check if you are leading the current through one of the three forbidden areas – head, heart, throat. Just imagine a straight line between both poles and you'll know where the current flows.

If you have an electronic or metallic implant (i.e. a pace maker or a loop), please consult your physician before you use e-stim.
Electronics might be disrupted and metal might heat up.

TENS may not be applied during pregnancy.

TENS devices do not have AP/APG-safety. They may not be operated in the environment of explosive or combustible material.

Use only on healthy skin.

Keep away from children.

 The First Time

We recommend that first of all you get to know your e-stim device. The best way to do that is to experiment with a toy in your hand.

Grab the following:

one e-stim device, turned OFF

one e-stim toy

one hand without rings or metal bracelets that might scratch the toy or heat up

Put your e-stim device to the following settings WITHOUT turning up the intensity:

width: 140 µs

rate: 70 Hz

These settings will give you a light tingle.

Now connect the toy to the device and grip the toy with your whole hand. 
Please make sure

that your hand is touching both of the toy's poles (please see the application & care section below for how to identify the poles) and

that as much skin as possible touches the toys.

The intensity of the current (or amount, if you will) that wants to go from pole to pole is always the same. So if your entire palm is on the toy, the current spreads out over all of the skin and appears less intense. In contrast, if you only touch the toy with your fingertips, the entire current will focus on that tiny bit of skin.

Imagine it like a river: If the water has a lot of space, the river will flow quietly and evenly, but if the water has to squeeze through a narrow bit, the river won't carry less water or slow down, but shoot through with a lot of pressure.

Therefore: Always place the toy before you crank up the current

With the toy safely in hand, you can now slowly – slowly – turn up the intensity of the device until you feel your hand tingle. Carefully turn it up for as long as the sensation is pleasant.

Time to experiment:

Pulsing instead of tingling comes with a low impulse rate: The individual bursts are so far apart that you can feel each one of them. 
For example at a rate of 5 Hz.

More pushing than pulsing comes with a low impule rate and a low impulse width. 
Try a rate of 5 Hz and a width of 50 µs

When you're done experimenting, it's time to turn it off. Remember the river from above?
Good. Then you already know the last bit: Always turn off the current before you let go off the toy

Now go ahead and put that toy where it's supposed to go.

Application & Care

1. Electrodes The Placement of electrodes depends on many different factors: What are your personal preferences, and most erogenous zones? Do you want to use your e-stim unit by yourself or with a partner? Are you male or female?
We've put together some suggestions that cater to individual needs:
for himYou can attach an electrode pair on the left and a pair on the right side of your penis. One pad each on the left and the right of the glans, and one pad each left and right on the shaft. To most e-stim users the sensation is more intense in this placement, when the current flows from glans (connect the red pin) to penis base (connect the black pin). Another option would be placing two electrodes to one buttock, and just the remaining two on the penis.
In any case you should take your time. Sit or lie down comfortably, and slowly turn up the intensity until the sensation is most stimulating to you. When choosing a low impulse intensity the tingling sensation changes slowly to a pulsating one. You may enjoy this feeling for hours, if you like.
Many male TENS users are surprised, that their penis retreats during stimulation, although excitement is unchanged. The reason is the electrical stimulation of the erectile body of the penis. You can contravene by using a penis ring. Also „dirty minds“ or exciting pictures or movies may be of help to have the penis rise to full height. Sometimes this mode of erectile body stimulation causes an ejaculation without orgasm.
for herEspecially the pelvic floor and the labia are suitable adhesion points. When stimulating the clitoris or the vagina directly, this has to be done extremely carefully, as these areas are very sensitive to pain. For first experiments a placement of one electrode on each thigh inside and one on perineum and labia is recommendable. Lay down by yourself or with your partner and carefully turn the intensity higher, and enjoy. Additionally you can treat yourself with a vibrator or be treated, or have intercourse during electrical stimulation.
for couplesUse one pair of electrodes for each person. One electrode is adhered to the thigh, the other to the nipple. Please do observe that this placement is unsuitable for persons with heart problems, and never connect both nipple through the electrodes! After attaching the electrodes slowly turn up the intensity until you find one that is comfortable to both of you. Take your time and enjoy the soft tickling, hug and kiss while letting the excitement rise. Change the settings after a time. With a little bit of sensuality you will offer your partner completely new joys.

2. Aluminium Toys 
In order to find the perfect level of intensity for you, always insert the toy before turning the stimulating current on - remember: The amount of electricity that wants to go from one pole to the other is always the same, whether it has a lot of skin to spread over or just a little. All aluminium toys come with the cable attached. 
We recommend to use our water-based lubricant
 Bonnie & Glide or our Mystim Godfather which enhances the conductivity.
With the exception of the lust egg and the urethral sound, all Mystim aluminium toys ban be used for vaginal and anal play. Never insert the lust egg anally - you won't get it back out.
The Poles
All aluminium toys have a black stripe set into their surface. This is the isolation that keeps the poles apart: everything below is one pole, everything above the other. 
Cleaning & Care
Our toys are made of high-quality aluminium that is also used in medical engineering and very hygienic. You can clean the toys with water and a mild detergent. In addition, you should also use a disinfectant at regular intervals. Make sure you use a skin-friendly product and observe the instructions for the respective product. Please let the toy dry completely prior to the next use. 

3. Silicone Toys 
Thanks to our Flex & Stay technology you can bend the toy into your favourite position. 
Please plug the electrode cable that ends with the black and red 2mm junctions directly into the holes in the toy. The silicone toys come without additional wires since you can use those already included in your e-stim kit.
In order to find the perfect level of intensity for you, always insert the toy before turning the stimulating current on - remember: The amount of electricity that wants to go from one pole to the other is always the same, whether it has a lot of skin to spread over or just a little.
We recommend to use our water-based lubricant 
Bonnie & Glide or our Mystim Goldfather which enhances the conductivity.
The Conductive Surfaces
Unlike our aluminium toys, our silicone toys are not completely separated into two poles but have a conductive surface on each side. Where you plug in the red and where the black pin determines which side will be positive (red) and which negative (black). With that you can decide the direction of the current. Because there is a gap between the poles, you will feel a slight twitch in that direction if you set a low impulse rate. 
Flexing Flavio is a bit different from his cousins: he is quadrupolar - and you can control each pair of poles independently. For that, of course, you'll need two cables and two channels (both of which come with our devices). And yes, you can plug them in whichever way you want and even crosswise.
Cleaning & Care
Our toys are made of high-quality medical grade platinum silicone also used in medical engineering and very hygienic. You can clean the toys with water and a mild detergent. In addition, you should use a disinfectant at regular intervals. Make sure you use a skin-friendly product and observe the instructions for the respective product. Please let the toy dry completely prior to the next use. 

4. Barry Bite – the Clamps 
Our body clamps can be used on nipples, labia and other regions - even on both nipples at once: each of the clamps is bipolar and so there is no danger of leading electricity through the heart. The gold contacts of Barry Bite make for an especially intense and continuous stimulation. 

The Poles
Barry Bite's poles sit at the tip of each arm and each clamp has both a positive and a negative pole: only the tissue in between the two halfs of the clamp is stimulated. 
Cleaning & Care
Please clean Barry Bite using mild soapy water and rinse it with clear water. In addition, we recommend using a disinfectant on a regular basis. 

5. The Magic Gloves 
Mystim Magic Gloves are a perfect toy for electrosex beginners and ideal for erotic massages. In order to stimulate any body area you touch, you have to isolate your hands against the electrical impulses first. Please use one of the five pairs of vinyl gloves which are included in the scope of delivery. Now put your Magic Gloves above the vinyl gloves, and ensure that they don’t overlap the vinyl gloves at your arms. Touch the area that you wish to stimulate and turn on the stimulation current, in order to find the right intensity level. 
Make sure that your hands are not touching, because otherwise the stimulation will not be transported to the skin. The electrical impulses which are transmitted by the Magic Gloves are very soft, as the percentage of conductive material is much lower than e.g. in an aluminium toy.
The Poles
Each of the gloves is one pole so that the area between the hands is stimulated.

Cleaning & Care - The Magic Gloves can be hand washed with a mild detergent. Please do also use a disinfectant laundry additive on a regular basis. However, please do not put the gloves into the washing machine or laundry dryer.

6. The Strap Sets 
Charming Chuck and Rodeo Robin can be adjusted in size and should be strapped around shaft or glans and testicles with gentle pressure until they fit snugly. In order to find the perfect level of intensity for you, always put on the straps before turning the stimulating current on - remember: The amount of electricity that wants to go from one pole to the other is always the same, whether it has a lot of skin to spread over or just a little. 
We recommend to use o
ur water-based lubricant Bonnie & Glide or our Mystim Goldfather which enhances the conductivity.
The Poles
Each of the straps is one pole. For a more intense stimulation, we recommend to place the sling with the black cable connection closer to your body. 
Cleaning & Care
Once you have pulled out the cable and/or detached the adapters, you can clean both toys with a mild detergent and water. Please also use a disinfectant regularly and always let the toy dry completely prior to the next use.

7. The Urethral Probes 
All Mystim products are inspected carefully before they leave our production facilities. However, even we slip up sometimes, and with Finn that might end bloody. We highly recommend to check your Finn very carefully for any unevenness or sharp edges before you use him for the first time. 
In order to find the perfect level of intensity for you, always insert the toy before turning the stimulating current on - remember: The amount of electricity that wants to go from one pole to the other is always the same, whether it has a lot of skin to spread over or just a little.
You may feel a soft tension or pressure, but insertion may never feel uncomfortable or painful. Never – never –insert the toy forcefully.
The Poles
Like all aluminium toys, Finn has a black stripe set into his surface. This is the isolation that keeps the poles apart: everything below is one pole, everything above the other. 
Cleaning & Care
When your are playing with your Finn, or any urethra toy really, you need to pay extra attention to hygiene and sterility. Disinfect the probe right before and after every single use, use a sterile lubricant, sterile gloves and disinfect your penis before and after using the toy. Please always pay attention to any instructions and safety notices with the products you use like sterile lube or disinfectant. 

Skin Care Tips

We have put together some tips on how to best handle electrodes. If you have sensitive skin, please follow these closely.

Wash the areas where the electrodes are to be placed prior to application and after removal with a mild soap and water. Rinse the soap thoroughly and dry the skin.

Excessive hair growth may be cut away with the scissors; do not shave the area that is to be stimulated.

Many skin problems arise due to the electrodes being pulled too tight over the skin at application. To prevent thus apply the electrodes from their centre to the rim and do not pull them over the skin.

To prevent irritation by stretching tape the excess wires in a circle to the skin so it will not pull on the electrodes.

When removing the electrodes always do so in the direction of hair growth.

It may be helpful to apply skin lotion on the areas that electrodes where attached to between applications.

Never adhere electrodes to skin already irritated or injured.

Dispose of electrodes that do not adhere well.

Self-adhesive electrodes are to be used by the same person only.

In case of skin irritation cease usage and consult your physician.

If stimulation is uncomfortable either reduce intensity to a tolerable amount or discontinue stimulation and ask your physician.